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With the HuGo app users collect and upload Hungarian points of interest in the US.

HuGo’s mission is to help you stay connected with Hungarian culture and people across America. HuGo has a growing list of places and events that you can explore.

If you know of any locations or events that HuGo doesn’t know yet, upload them to the map!




All Things Hungarian in the US!

Venture out.

Help HuGo.

Are you looking for a place that has Dobos cake in your area?

Are you interested in joining a Hungarian scout group near you?

Do you want to take Hungarian lessons?

Near and far, wherever you are in the US, HuGo is working for you.

Explore these and other points of interest on his map when you open the app.

Make Friends.

Comment, connect and be friendly with other users. Our lov of Hungarian culture is what connects us all. One of HuGo’s goals is to bring us all closer together.

Help HuGo.

HuGo does need some help. Do you know of places or events that you don’t see on HuGo’s map? Upload them to the app!

Select a category, add a photo, an address and you’re ready to share.

HuGo and the community will thank you.

Earn Stars.

The more points of interest you share the better!

As you upload them, you’ll get rewarded by stars.

Each state has its own count with HuGo.

This means that not only in your own area can you move up in the rankings, but as you visit other states, your contributions will get rewarded there as well.

Keep helping HuGo with your knowledge, and watch him add stars to your profile.

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“If you are interested in history and architecture this app is perfect to find out more about the historical events where Hungarians were present. While you are walking around any American city, it is amazing to find buildings that were built by Hungarian architects! You can find restaurants or shops with Hungarian food as well as a lot of events organized by the Hungarian American community.”

design enthousiaste,

“Finally an app that helps me find all the Hungarian places around me in Maryland and DC. I also travel a lot across the US, and I enjoy connecting with my culture and community anywhere I end up. It’s like finding a little piece of home wherever I am.
Even events are in here that allows me to stop by a gulyás fest, or a Hungarian meetup because now I know about them.”

János bá,

“This is the BEST app to explore Hungarian places and to reach unlimited information about Hungarian historical places within one click on the map.

Extremely interesting app;

HIGHLY recommended to anyone who wants to explore the Hungarian heritage!”



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